Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kid's Muddy Madness!

Today we (the kids) participated in the coolest event.  It was called Kid's Muddy Madness for St. Jude's.  It was held in a local park and the pictures will not do it justice.  

But before I share about it I want to say what a great community we get to live in and what great friends we have.  The kids wanted to raise money to turn in as part of the race donation that would go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.  We decided to sell popsicles and water at our friend's house.  They live on a busier street then we do.  I advertised it on Facebook, texted some friends and the kids held up signs as cars passed.  What an awesome response!  In a little over 2 hours they raised $90!!  We donated it all today to St. Jude's!  It was a great learning experience for the kids.

At the actual race kids were assigned to different waves to run.  Ages 4-6 (Amanda's age group) did a 100 yard dash and Cameron and Molly's age groups did a one mile run.  The one mile run went through some woods which had obstacles in it like going over mounds of dirt, running through tires, jumping over logs and climbing over a large stack of hay bails.

But, the best part was the end!!
The kids got to run through a mud pit!!!
It was a riot and the kids loved it (except for Amanda)!

Here's what everyone looked like at the end...

And then you got sprayed off by the fire department!

I read on Facebook that the kids run today raised $26,000.  How awesome is that!!!
We loved it and can't wait to do it again next year!

And, I feel so blessed today that we were a small part of such a good cause.  Especially when you have 3 healthy children.  Our prayers are with those who we helped today!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Special day, special girl

Yesterday we celebrated this girl's FIFTH birthday...

She once looked like this...

but now she is growing up...and quickly!

As much as anyone hears me say what a handful Miss Amanda can be, please know that I feel very, very blessed to be her Mommy.  If you are EVER in need of a good hug, this is your go to girl.
She gives the VERY, VERY best!

Happy, happy birthday, baby!
We love you very much!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A sneak preview...

Oh my goodness, the days since school has been out have flown by!

How could I forget to post that my beautiful daughter turned 7!!!

Here's a sneak preview of the weekend we are recital!!

One costume of girls dancing their jazz number to the Jackson Five hit ABC.
It is super, super cute!!

We are so proud of the girl that you are becoming.  You have very little fear and will try anything once.  Keep up your self confidence and don't let anyone take away your spirit.  
We love you always!!

And p.s.  
Who doesn't think that the jazz picture above, with Molly's hair pulled back, makes her even more look like her Daddy.  She is ALL him! 
And I love it!