Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just so you know....

I am totally making a Part 2 to my "Funny things people say at a very large retail giant store..." Mr. Shook doesn't love that I used the "K" word but I'm pretty sure I've protected the innocent. I already have some additions of new stories that will catch your funny bone AGAIN!!

In fact, today starts the big 15/20/30% scratch off sale so the crazys will be out! Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Funny things people tell you in the retail world...

Believe me when I say I may have heard it all being out in the (scary) retail world. I thought I might include a few of my faves since I really need to lighten my bloggy world.

Side note: Nothing I say provokes these comments. I am innocent. Allegedly.

Me: What cute girls you have. Are they twins?
Mom: Nope. They are 10 months apart.
Me: Vision jaw hitting the ground: Oh.
Mom: Our oldest we adopted and then I found out I was pregnant.
Me: Oh OK! Doesn't God have a funny sense of humor (as I'm thinking shouldn't she have told me the details first!!)

Me: Would you be interested in opening a credit card? I am able to offer you 15% off of your purchases today.
Customer: I would NEVER get approved. When my last loser of a husband left me I had to file bankruptcy and I got stuck with all the bills. My credit sucks.
Me: Oh, OK. Do you have another form of payment?

Co-worker: Well, I hope that I can buy some Christmas gifts for my kids this year.
Me: I know, things can get really tough around the holidays.
Co-worker: Oh, well not because of the money. I'm just hoping that I'm not in jail in 2 weeks.
Me: Oh. (Silence.)
Co-worker: Well, you know, I got a DUI last spring and I was on probation.
Me: Oh. (Silence.) Ummm, did you do something that violated your probation?
Co-worker: I gave a dirty dump a few weeks ago.
Me: Oh. I'm not sure what that means.
Co-worker: Oh, well I was using and had to give a drug test and it came back positive. I thought for sure it had been enough time. It had been at least 3 or 4 days since I had last used.
Me: (Imagine jaw scraping the floor.) Oh. I guess that could be a problem.

Same co-worker (she's quite infamous at Kohl's but for some reason is friendly to me.): I need to write a check for what I'm buying. The address is wrong, the account number is wrong, the bank has changed names but the checks always go through.
Me: Oh. (Thinking...I hope I don't get fired for this.)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

One phone call...

I don't think that it's intuition that made me call my friend, Heidi, today. I just had an overwhelming feeling to give her a call. We hadn't spoke in several months, probably before school started. She's just one of those friends that I love to keep in contact with. She is another of those friends that even if you don't speak for months you can pick up the conversation in one breath. We do it really, really well, too! Heidi lived 2 doors down from me in Michigan and we met just days before Molly was born. We have been great friends since.

So I called her. And my breath was taken away.

She let me know that since our last conversation she had felt some womanly changes in herself and decided to pursue it with her gynecologist. Little did she know that the outcome would be ovarian cancer. I was floored. I was instantly sad. Life is not fair always. Heidi had surgery in October and recently finished her first round of chemo. Her prognosis is very good but she was still diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

I wish for my friend God's comforting touch, God's healing power and a lifetime of joys. Please, if you feel inclined, say a prayer today for Heidi, her husband Michael and their 7 year old daughter, Sierra. Heidi rocks it as a Mom and it is truly her calling. Sierra is a wonderful little girl.

I also say to Heidi to kick this disease in it's ass.

You are an inspiration, my friend.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

God is my fiernd...

Some days one might wonder how good of a job that they might be doing on this whole parenting thing. Highs, lows, good days, bad days...we experience them all. Today in the car I noticed this on a notebook of Cameron's. Excuse his spelling errors.

God is my fiernd.
I love daddy.
I love mommy
I love God.
I love Jeues.

I am thankful for a partner who wants to raise our children learning to fall in love with Jesus. I am thankful for a caring church community who is helping us to raise our children to learn about God. I am thankful for a son who feels confident about his beliefs to write them in notebooks. I hope he always puts God and Jesus first.

How lucky am I.