Thursday, December 9, 2010

One phone call...

I don't think that it's intuition that made me call my friend, Heidi, today. I just had an overwhelming feeling to give her a call. We hadn't spoke in several months, probably before school started. She's just one of those friends that I love to keep in contact with. She is another of those friends that even if you don't speak for months you can pick up the conversation in one breath. We do it really, really well, too! Heidi lived 2 doors down from me in Michigan and we met just days before Molly was born. We have been great friends since.

So I called her. And my breath was taken away.

She let me know that since our last conversation she had felt some womanly changes in herself and decided to pursue it with her gynecologist. Little did she know that the outcome would be ovarian cancer. I was floored. I was instantly sad. Life is not fair always. Heidi had surgery in October and recently finished her first round of chemo. Her prognosis is very good but she was still diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.

I wish for my friend God's comforting touch, God's healing power and a lifetime of joys. Please, if you feel inclined, say a prayer today for Heidi, her husband Michael and their 7 year old daughter, Sierra. Heidi rocks it as a Mom and it is truly her calling. Sierra is a wonderful little girl.

I also say to Heidi to kick this disease in it's ass.

You are an inspiration, my friend.


  1. I remember meeting Heidi at a MOMS Club playdate. I will keep her in my prayers as well. Scary stuff.

  2. Praying for Heidi and family!

  3. Will be keeping Heidi in my prayers, thanks for sharing...