Tuesday, December 7, 2010

God is my fiernd...

Some days one might wonder how good of a job that they might be doing on this whole parenting thing. Highs, lows, good days, bad days...we experience them all. Today in the car I noticed this on a notebook of Cameron's. Excuse his spelling errors.

God is my fiernd.
I love daddy.
I love mommy
I love God.
I love Jeues.

I am thankful for a partner who wants to raise our children learning to fall in love with Jesus. I am thankful for a caring church community who is helping us to raise our children to learn about God. I am thankful for a son who feels confident about his beliefs to write them in notebooks. I hope he always puts God and Jesus first.

How lucky am I.


  1. Good thing I didn't run him off after leaving you in the cold. I don't think he will ever live that down. The cute children are more than enough penance.