Monday, January 30, 2012

Molly's 100's Day poem...

My 100 Book by Molly Shook (with first grade grammatical errors included)

I wish I had 100 money
I would not want 100 brothers
I could eat 100 pieces of grapes
I could never eat 100 bananas
I could lift 100 toys
If I had $100 I would buy A American Girl Doll
On the first day of school I couldn't rite my best
But on the 100th day of school I can now rite good.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dear Cameron...

Dear Cameron,

It is so hard for me to believe that today you are now 8 years old. My eyes well up with tears, happy ones, when I think about what you mean to me in my life. Daddy and I wished upon every star in the sky, prayed many prayers, and crossed fingers and toes so that we could have you come into our lives. And let me tell you, Mister, it was a lot of work to get you! But what a joy you have always been.

My wish for you will always be to try your hardest in everything you do, never let anyone crush the creative and imaginative spirit you have, and to always be a friend to everyone.

And remember what we heard on Sunday at church.

When we don't put God first, the rest is destined to fail.
Very smart words to remember, buddy.

Never, ever be afraid to share your faith with anyone.
Because..."I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

Happy Birthday, Cameron! We love you very, very much!

Love, Mom

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stop following me!...

Yes, this is something that I heard our delightful 4 year old say to her siblings, but it's also something screaming from my mind as I have more and more followers on ...


And, I have no idea what I am doing on it.


This morning I had a little time so I was searching for craft ideas for Molly's first grade Valentine's party. Get this, some how I am the Mom in charge of the party. What??!! Crazy.

I found some really cute ideas on Pinterest, thought I pinned them, and now they are not under my pins. What am I doing wrong? If I can't "pin" an idea how can I make suggestions for the party of the year?

There are some adorable, clever and handy ideas on Pinterest. But, the majority of them will mean nothing to me if I can't remember what they looked like. I wish more had step by step directions, too. Is this too much to ask for the craft novice?

Any suggestions on how to better utilize Pinterest would be greatly appreciated.

Until then...stop following me!! (Just's kind of flattering, right?)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gettting off the roller coaster ride...

Were there holidays recently? Hmmmmm, they seem like forever ago.

We had Christmas for the first time in Illinois. We didn't travel any farther than Peoria, and that was to go to the mall. We had a house full but it was nice to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day worshipping in our own church. Both services were great and special. The kids sang at the Christmas Eve service and that made it even nicer. Not having any traditions really since we never have been home on Christmas we went with a family favorite for dinner...ham loaf! It rocked, if I may say so.

The biggest hurdle of the last month has been 3 hospital stays for my Dad. Once early December for pneumonia, mid December for GI issues and then again on New Year's Day for pneumonia again. The doctors think that he never got over the first pneumonia. After a week of IV antibiotics I really hope that they got it this time. My Dad seems much better. Tired, but really good. But after 13 nights in the hospital in a month I feel like we've all had enough. But, it's amazing how when you turn your worries and concerns over to God some, not all, but some of the anxiety can be comforted. I am really, really trying to be diligent to turn to God not only when I feel like I need something but also to give him praise for the day, the sunshine, the snow or rain, the little blessings in life. Like my family. Like my husband.

In case you didn't already know this, I have a true candidate for the best husband of the world. I know that many of us feel this way about our man, but Mr. Shook is not a man of just words but also action. He has stepped in to help us when we need it most. He was there for my parents when they needed us most. My Mom thanked him for something he did this week for her and he told her to not even think twice, that she is his family. That means more to me than you can imagine.

I thank God every day that he brought Mr. Shook into my life. It isn't a fancy story, he didn't sweep me off my feet, but he won my heart and it will belong to him always.

I pray that our girl's will be as lucky as their Mama someday. There are a lot of frogs out in that pond.

Luckily, mine is a prince.