Sunday, September 30, 2012

You know you live in a small town when...

You go on a Saturday night and sit in a parking lot of a place that wants to install gutters on  your house, across from the Domino's in town, and they bring you over this...

which is a FREE pizza to sample.  Yes, just for sitting in the parking lot across the street, in the dark.

Because they know that you are waiting for this...

A police and fire truck escort back to town for your 8th grade baseball team who has just won the State Title!  Yes, you are seeing it correct...a escort back into town for the team.  It was so Hoosiers!

How many times have you ever seen something like that, boys?

And behind the school bus were all the parents of the team members and we got to see the TBTKK-mobile!  So glad that Becki Davis got to see Trevor play yesterday.  My sweet friend Becki is between chemotherapy treatments and going yesterday to the games was very important to her.  We are in awe of her strength.  You are kicking this, Becki!

A little DQ to end the very good day.  Mr. Shook ran a half marathon in the morning (which he finished in under 2 hours), Cameron had 2 soccer games, one for his travel team that was very, very hard and a half hour away, and a police escort for the Jr high baseball team.  Only in Morton, Illinois!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pumpkin Festival 2012...

There's this LITTLE thing in our town called the Pumpkin Festival and it is something that I can hardly describe to you.  


Yep, that about sums it up.

To my Ohio friends and family, remember that thing we called the Lodi Sweet Corn Festival.  Well, let me tell you it doesn't hold a candle to this puppy.  And that Bates Festival we tried to pull off in Seville a time or two, please.  Child's play.  This Pumpkin Festival is the REAL DEAL in the world of festivals.

It's really a fun time and the kids think it ROCKS.

Here's a few photos.  Honestly I forgot to take many.  My pumpkin bad.

Notice the thumbs up the dude is giving

Before the Pumpkin Festival even started the third graders at our school had to produce a pumpkin float replica to be displayed during the festival.  They were judged as a grade and won FIRST PLACE which equals winning cash that the grade will use for a pizza party.  
The theme of this year's festival was Peace, Love and Pumpkins.  
Here's our groovy float...

Then there is the LARGEST parade that I have ever seen that takes place on the Saturday of the festival.  This year the girl's dance studio entered a float for the first time.  It won 3rd place!

 Mr. Shook ran an impressive 10k on Saturday morning before the parade.  Almost 900 people ran the 10k and Mr. Shook finished #225.  Great job, honey!

The pumpkin festival is something that you just have to experience once.  Come and check it out, stay for a visit and let us show you what this town can do.  
It's amazing!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Another new look...

Sigh.  My baby is growing up even more.  Take a look at what we had to do for Miss Amanda...

Yep, following in the footsteps of her brother and her Mom.  Glasses.

I was very sad at first when we found out she needed them, but I'm better now and she looks awfully stinking cute in them.  Who doesn't think she looks so much like Cameron now?  I was so afraid that they would cover up her big, beautiful eyes.  I will get use to them as she gets use to them as well.

Another example of my little girl becoming a true Kindergartner.

She still gives the best hugs, though.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Yesterday, September 3, 2012, marks 4 years that we have lived in Central Illinois.  And, starting today, this is the longest we have lived anywhere since 1998.  I wish I had some pictures of us moving 4 years ago.  It was a VERY hot day.  I wish I had more pictures of our house in Michigan.  I couldn't find any of it with landscaping.  But here's where we called home 4 years ago...

It was a good house for us and we hope that new memories are being made in it still.

I don't know that Morton is our forever home, but that's where we are now.  Today.  I know many folks who have moved multiple times with Caterpillar and I wonder if that is ever in our future.  They say in the CAT world that all roads lead to Peoria so even those that have moved somehow seem back in Central Illinois again.  Only the man upstairs knows what's in our future.  I do pray about it, though.  It certainly changes things when you have 3 children now in school.  Uprooting that would be a tough call. need to fret over that right now.  There is some celebrating to do here!

Fifteen years ago today Mr. Shook popped the question.

I remember it like it was yesterday.  We were on a vacay to Florida which started by Tampa and ended at Sanibel Island.  It was a really fun time (which 15 years later my Mom can still make scandalous!) and we got engaged on a Thursday night, on the beach, in the rain.  A light rain, I should say.  I was one excited girl and didn't tell anyone for 2 WHOLE DAYS!  And then when we did tell people I didn't know what to say! 

It was a great time, a very exciting time and the best decision I ever made.  I know there are days that Mr. Shook thinks what has he gotten himself in to, but he assures me, almost every day, that there is no place he would rather be.