Monday, September 17, 2012

Pumpkin Festival 2012...

There's this LITTLE thing in our town called the Pumpkin Festival and it is something that I can hardly describe to you.  


Yep, that about sums it up.

To my Ohio friends and family, remember that thing we called the Lodi Sweet Corn Festival.  Well, let me tell you it doesn't hold a candle to this puppy.  And that Bates Festival we tried to pull off in Seville a time or two, please.  Child's play.  This Pumpkin Festival is the REAL DEAL in the world of festivals.

It's really a fun time and the kids think it ROCKS.

Here's a few photos.  Honestly I forgot to take many.  My pumpkin bad.

Notice the thumbs up the dude is giving

Before the Pumpkin Festival even started the third graders at our school had to produce a pumpkin float replica to be displayed during the festival.  They were judged as a grade and won FIRST PLACE which equals winning cash that the grade will use for a pizza party.  
The theme of this year's festival was Peace, Love and Pumpkins.  
Here's our groovy float...

Then there is the LARGEST parade that I have ever seen that takes place on the Saturday of the festival.  This year the girl's dance studio entered a float for the first time.  It won 3rd place!

 Mr. Shook ran an impressive 10k on Saturday morning before the parade.  Almost 900 people ran the 10k and Mr. Shook finished #225.  Great job, honey!

The pumpkin festival is something that you just have to experience once.  Come and check it out, stay for a visit and let us show you what this town can do.  
It's amazing!!

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