Sunday, September 30, 2012

You know you live in a small town when...

You go on a Saturday night and sit in a parking lot of a place that wants to install gutters on  your house, across from the Domino's in town, and they bring you over this...

which is a FREE pizza to sample.  Yes, just for sitting in the parking lot across the street, in the dark.

Because they know that you are waiting for this...

A police and fire truck escort back to town for your 8th grade baseball team who has just won the State Title!  Yes, you are seeing it correct...a escort back into town for the team.  It was so Hoosiers!

How many times have you ever seen something like that, boys?

And behind the school bus were all the parents of the team members and we got to see the TBTKK-mobile!  So glad that Becki Davis got to see Trevor play yesterday.  My sweet friend Becki is between chemotherapy treatments and going yesterday to the games was very important to her.  We are in awe of her strength.  You are kicking this, Becki!

A little DQ to end the very good day.  Mr. Shook ran a half marathon in the morning (which he finished in under 2 hours), Cameron had 2 soccer games, one for his travel team that was very, very hard and a half hour away, and a police escort for the Jr high baseball team.  Only in Morton, Illinois!

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