Monday, November 5, 2012


It was been over a month since I did a blog post.  I felt like I needed to give my writing and posting a break. It's a long story, but I felt like my blog had been violated.  Someone or something was linking some of my blog posts to a site without my permission.  I had to ask for them to be removed and luckily, the person obliged.  I really don't understand their need to link my posts but the hits on my blog when crazy.  There really isn't anything here to read, unless you want to know about what my kids did on a boring summer day, or what we had for dinner one night.  I censor myself ON MY OWN BLOG with the fear of offending someone or something.  This is truly boring reading.  But, don't stop reading, please!!

Since I last posted I've had a birthday, which was very nice.  My parents have moved apartments within their complex (which was no minor undertaking!), we've had Halloween (very fun!).  The regular mundane things.  

Tomorrow we elect a new president or re-elect the one we already have.  I can't remember feeling like any other election has meant or mattered more.  I don't know what to wish for in the outcome.  I just know that I will be glad to have an end to the campaign ads, literature and phone calls.  I pray for our country and it's leadership.

Probably the biggest thing to happen here in a while is this...

The first loss of a front tooth at our house!

This is big news and I marvel at what a cute smile!

Maybe we'll be singing the famous Christmas song after all...

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