Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Look Mom, one hand!

I have one talented girl! So talented, with one hand, that three times last night she took off the splint. The first time she just handed it to me and walked away. After I got my chin off the floor from my shock I chased her down I put it back on. I called the doctor's office and the recommended using duct tape to keep it on. What the heck??!! I did not go with their recommendation!

Our friend Tim finished the Boston Marathon in 3:24:28 which means his mile pace time was about 7:47. Seven minutes and 47 seconds! For 26.2 miles - amazing! Great job, Tim! Hope you had the time of your life!


  1. I LOL'd when I read about Amanda taking the splint off! Is it broke, or don't you know yet?

  2. Yes, it has a fracture. :(
    I'm going to update my blog in the morning with what we found out. She did awesome getting the cast on - not one tear!