Sunday, April 19, 2009

Run, Tim, Run

I wish I would have had more time to spend on this post but Amanda had a little home injury that has required a trip to the e.r....more about that later. Tomorrow our very good friend, Tim from Michigan, competes in his first Boston Marathon. We are very excited for him and we will get updates, via email, at certain spots of the race. Tim is a crazy runner who loves to do ultra marathons - 100 milers. We joke with him that we don't even want to drive 100 miles! Tim has more energy that just about anyone I know. We use to tease with him that we would invite him over if we had an excess of soda around so he would drink it. He loves his Mountain Dew and anything with caffeine. A great gift for him is Speedway gift cards so he can get his fill of fountain soda! In all seriousness, Tim is a great husband, father and friend and we are so happy for him that he gets to compete tomorrow in Boston!

Good luck, Tim! We wish you well and Run Fast!

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