Thursday, May 14, 2009

That's just God bowling...

We have had a lot of rain here lately. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot! Mike's co-workers tell him that this has been an exceptionally wet spring. The Illinois river has crested several times. Yesterday we had a whale of a storm. I have resorted to telling the kids that the thunder is God bowling and the rain is God crying. This explanation resulted in a whole bunch of questions. "Why is God sad?" "Is God at a bowling alley?" "What would make God stop crying?" "What color is God's bowling ball?" You catch my drift. So then it made me think am I teaching them incorrectly or am I doing them a favor by softening the explanation of what the weather is really doing? Do I just not feel like explaining thunder and lightning 500 times?? If you have one or 10 young kids you know how many questions there can be a day! Then I was thinking more (scary, I know) and it reminded me back to a discussion we had pre-kid with some family. I remember my sensible (or at least I thought he was!) brother-in-law sharing how upset he was when he realized his parents had lied to him about Santa. He was truly hurt. Now, I find this kind of ridiculous but I guess it's all in the perspective. I remember being a little disappointed that Santa wasn't "real" but thinking it was cool to get to be in on an adult secret and pretend with kids younger than myself. It's kind of like the ending to The Sixth Sense. I am still amazed to this day that more people didn't give away the ending. That has to be one of the biggest cliff hanger movies of all time. And no one ruined it for me and it was fun to not tell anyone so the big ending wasn't ruined for them. Wow! I've really gone full circle on this...I think I'm OK Cameron and Molly thinking that God is bowling and one day we will discuss the weather terms that they need to know or I will just introduce them to the Weather Channel. Because if you really think about God bowling it brings a smile to my face!

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