Monday, May 18, 2009

An update on Molly...

Just a quick update on Molly and her visit to the urologist today. Molly's renal ultrasound showed everything looks really good. The ultrasound technician showed me the stents on each side. Kind of cool to see. Molly's labs are looking very good and normal, too. We had an indepth talk with Dr. R (our urologist) and he gave us a good run down on what he thought was the best way to proceed. We are going to try one more procedure that is less invasive before opting for a surgery that would require an incision. Our doctor is going to use a surgical balloon and inflate it in the ureters. He leaves it for 10 minutes and then he will deflate it. Hopefully it will break up the existing scar tissue and open up the ureter and prevent the back pressure Molly gets on her kidneys. 4-6 weeks later he will then remove the stents. Dr. R gives this a 50-50 chance of working. We think it's worth a shot. We are trying to avoid an "open" surgery at all costs. Molly has to start gaining some weight back to help herself heal. Dr. R feels that her weight is beginning to be an issue on her healing process. We go on Thursday to meet with a nutrionist. I'm curious to see what they suggest. I have started to try and get her to drink a PediaSure a day. Not the easiest thing but I'm not giving up! I am open to any suggestions on way's to fatten her up!


  1. I'm not sure if she is old enough or not, but we have given Jared Boosts or Boost-like products to give him calories and nutrition. They have your basic flavors, including chocolate and are least expensive at Wal Mart.

  2. We tried a lot of things to fatten Jett up and boost his calorie intake, incl. pediasure and a nutritionist. Try green beans and corn with a liberal amount of butter. A dessert at every meal. Sugary cereals, hot dogs, or salami. Instead of fresh fruit, try fruit cocktail with juice (more sugar). Nuts worked for us, but with a peanut allergy, you probably shouldn't go there. I know these aren't the best calories, but we just wanted any calories. Our gastroenterologist even suggested we fry his cheerios, but I couldn't bring myself to do that.

  3. I agree with Steve- my kids LOVE Boost. May not be quite as healthy for kids as pediasure, but it tastes MUCH better! We prefer the vanilla, and you can even get it at Sam's Club, which makes it ALMOST affordable. Make sure it's cold, though! Hope this next procedure works!