Thursday, June 18, 2009

A quick update...

It's late. I'm tired. But, I wanted to do a quick update or as quick as I can do it.

After our Dr. got in to the operation room he attempted to feed a wire through Molly's urethra to get to her bladder and then her ureters. The wire wouldn't budge through the ureters so he stopped and came out and talked to us. He really felt that since Molly was already under anesthesia that we needed to go ahead and repeat the surgery that we had originally done in January, the reimplantation of her ureters. After opening Molly up he quickly realized that the balloon dilation would have never worked. Our doctor and his partner both participated on the surgery and they both spoke to us afterward and seem very confident that this problem has been correctly fixed. Molly will have a catheter for a few days, we'll probably come home with one, but this will allow all pressure to be taken off of her kidneys and bladder. A set of stents has also been put in for extra support. Those will eventually come out. Molly is resting comfortably and is very sleepy but doing really well. We appreciate all the emails, prayers and good thoughts sent out way! Will update later...



  1. Well, I know this isn't what you wanted, but here's hoping that it's for the best. If it all works as planned this time, maybe Molly can finally have some peace and get to enjoy "normal" childhood! Glad it is over and she did well! We will continue to pray.

  2. Happy to hear Molly is doing well and you need to get some rest I can imagine the stress you & Mike have been under will continue our prayers for her.
    With love to all!!

  3. We'll keep Molly in our prayers. Hope she if feeling better soon.

  4. Beth and Mike,
    Just read the update as I was about to pack my laptop for the trip. I am so sorry she had to have the surgery, but happy that they went in and hopefully corrected the problem! I will pray for Molly as I watch the of my favorite things to do on the beach.
    Love to all....