Thursday, July 16, 2009

What I did today...

There seems to be a gross misunderstanding in our house about what goes on here every day. I will admit that not every day is action packed but let me state up front that there is no napping (by the Mom) and there are no bon-bon's to be found on our premises. None. I will also admit that from time to time a little ADD sets in and I may get distracted and drift towards the computer. The Facebook website might be involved. I have to protect myself so I will not divulge too much information on that. But, I will share a picture collage of a day in the life of ME!

First we went to soccer. Cameron loves to wear the jersey for goalie.

Then we were home to meet the Rainbow Play system installers and have our play set put together. Fun!

Then Cameron went to the dentist. No cavities!

Then Cameron went to tennis that evening.

I meant to take pictures of the laundry I did and the dinner I made but my ADD set in yet again and I forgot!! I think you get the picture. I also had breakfast and lunch for the cherubs so they can have well balanced and full tummies. I also went to the video store and rented some movies. Along the way I treated myself to a frozen Coke which I did ALONE!! We had a busy day but a good one. Hope you did, too!


  1. Ahh yes, the life of a stay at home forgot the soap operas and the pool boys!

    And could you keep the really cool play structure on the down low. If my kids get wind of that I'll never hear the end of how neglected they are!

  2. Ha! Marci you are funny! I would love to find a time to have some of the Mom's over for a play time outside. I just have to get through one more round of company. I will for sure do it before school starts!