Monday, November 16, 2009

My Big Cheese...

Cameron's kindergarten class does a fun thing where they get to be the "Cheese of the Week." It's a week where you get to be the star and share of things about yourself. Every child gets to be the cheese of the week once throughout the year. Cameron did his 2 weeks ago and we thought we would share a little about it.

On Monday you get to take in your favorite story to have read by the teacher. Cameron selected "We're going on a bear hunt." Great story with lots of action!

On Tuesday you take in a favorite item that you hide in a box and the class asks 20 questions to guess what it is. Cameron took his soccer trophy.

On Wednesday you add items to an estimation jar. Here's a picture of what we took...

Lego's of course!! We had fun counting all of them out so we could tell his teacher how many were in the jar. Cameron was very specific that only one size Lego go in the jar.

On Thursday you get to sit at the teacher's desk for the whole day (all 2 1/2 hours!). I guess this is a big deal. I was thinking this wasn't much of a reward once you get to maybe junior high but it's a hit in Kindergarten.

On Friday you share pictures about yourself with the class. Cameron took a baby picture, a few of fun things he has done lately and some pictures of his family. He has enjoyed hearing about his classmates families. He reports back to me how many brothers and sisters they each have. How lucky is Cameron that he has 2 sisters??!!

You also get to take in a snack to share on Friday. Two new friends here in town have started up a baking business called Baked Blessings. They made the absolute coolest Big Cheese treat so far! Thanks Lisa and Donna! We received lots of compliments even if Abbey didn't make them - ha ha!

Of course Molly had show and tell on the same Friday and you are allowed to bring food for it so we shared these...

All in all, we had a very good "Cheese of the Week!"


  1. So glad that everyone enjoyed the treats!

  2. Love hearing about Cameron's exciting week. The cookies are adorable! LOVE the worms!