Monday, December 7, 2009

Good morning, Bethlehem!...

I can officially say that I heart Morton United Methodist Church. What a great day my kiddos had yesterday at church. It started out with Cameron receiving a bible in church. They handed out the Junior Adventure Bibles to all the Kindergartners and First graders.

Cameron promising to read his bible every day!

Our family then lit the advent wreath at the 9:30 service. Could that have gone anymore wrong?? The story is best told in person by Mike and I so remind us to share it someday soon. Yikes is all I will say!!

In the afternoon we returned to church and Cameron was a townsperson in the Christmas musical Miracle at Midnight. It was so good and all the kids did an excellent job! Since Cameron can't read all of the words yet to the songs we listened to them a lot in the car. My personal favorite is Good Morning, Bethlehem! It's a catchy song and I'm wondering how long it will be before I get the song out of my head??

Here's our townsperson...

The preschoolers also sang 2 songs. It was so surreal to see Amanda up on stage singing with the group. I don't think she is our baby anymore. We practiced the songs and she loved it! Molly was one of the "old" kids singing and belted it out. It was super cute!

The children's education department at our church does a fantastic job. We didn't have kids old enough to participate at our church in Ohio and our church in Michigan was too small to be able to offer what we have at our church in Morton. It is unreal and such am important part of our lives right now. We have little sponges and our kids are so curious about God. It is a learning experience for Mike and I to find the answers for them. We are all growing in our faith.

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  1. Ok ... stories like the mess of lighting the advent wreath were made for blog entries!