Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back to two...

Some of you might remember my Facebook posts months ago about my lost mini-van key. It was here, then it wasn't. I looked and looked but couldn't find it. The morning I realized it was missing I had scheduled to have a dentist appointment with a new office. The kids were all buckled in their seats, I had a baby-sitter waiting to be picked up and I couldn't find my key. I say it singular as I don't like to carry a bunch of keys in my bag so it was just one key on a ring. My house keys (which I never carry) and my key to Mike's car were separate. I tore the house apart. No luck finding it. I had to call the dentist office and tell them I couldn't make my appointment. It felt like saying the dog had ate my homework. I have never found the missing key. Months and months have passed. We got by on one key and I was oh so very, very careful with it. I put it in the same spot each and every time I returned home.

Well, yesterday I finally got a second key.

I guarantee you it is the most expensive key you have probably ever seen...

Mr. Shook, I will cherish this key like it is our fourth child. It will never be out of my sight and I will treat it with the utmost respect. Thank you for caving and letting me get it. I know, I know I still owe you for it.

Mr. Landfill Worker, please keep a good and faithful eye on my little key. I'm pretty sure its taking up space in your big hole.


  1. The spell is now broken and the original key will now show up. Trust me.

  2. I can't believe you never found the first key! Now that you've purchased the new one, I bet you hope it never turns up!

    And look! After months of trying, I can finally comment on your blog. We got a new computer and VOILA!! Problem solved and I don't even know what the problem ever was!