Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas in review...

Back to the daily grind today. The kids are back in school (yes!) and I have a few quiet moments to blog about Christmas. It wasn't the Norman Rockwell kind of Christmas I might have dreamt of but it was very nice. It ended with Mike and Cameron coming down with the stomach flu but we got home where we all could chill in our own beds and everyone was much better after a good night's sleep or two.

Here's some pictures of our time...

Our new DS's! Seriously the best investment we have ever made in a toy. Is it ok for Mom to like it as much as the kids??

Yes!! More Lego's! In an explanation of 20 degree weather and short in-laws have the hottest house EVER! I swear I leave sometimes brain fried. I know, it explains a lot about me!

Ready to open more gifts!

Not really sure any words are necessary! This is a daily look for Miss Amanda!

Not a family picture unless someone has been crying. I'm sure we'll laugh about these years from now. I love my family!!


  1. cute family photo! glad y'all had a mostly Merry Christmas! Tracey

  2. I love the picture of Amanda in her dress up...and the lamp behind her head looks like a hat! hehe!