Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More carnival...

Here are some more pictures from the very fun school carnival. Besides the cake walk, where we won 2 cakes!, the kids loved the face painting. For 30 minutes I got to be the sparkle lady. The face painting was in Cam's Kindergarten class and I was a parent volunteer for a half hour. One Mom called me the Fairy Godmother. I think that is an appropriate title! I got to put puffs of glitter on the drying face paint. This artist does an amazing job!

And one more of our loot...

It is going to be a beautiful weather week here. We hope you are enjoying many, many rays of sunshine, too!


  1. Wow, those are some face paintings!! Not like the small things you usually get. The basket(s) are really great...lucky Molly!

  2. Did you win the Road Trip basket???? I am sooo jealous...it looked awesome! Your kids looked cute with thier faces painted:-)
    Elizabeth Heinold

  3. That is awesome face painting! Congrats on basket it looks very cool!

  4. Traci said the Road Trip basket was cool, but WOW! It's huge! What a fun night for you guys!