Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hello, Kindergarten parents...

It's coming.

I know it's coming.

Or at least I assume it's coming.

Probably by Friday we will receive a voicemail from the Kindergarten teachers welcoming us to Lincoln school and then inviting us to bring our kindergartner and their school supplies to school on Monday. Kind of a drop them off, see the room, meet the teacher hour. And the reason I know this is because I am some what of a veteran Kindergarten parents. I did this same thing exactly one year ago.

It's a cute voicemail. The teachers introduce themselves and tell you how excited they are to start school. I should have it memorized since I just deleted Cameron's welcome message this afternoon. I just couldn't part with the voicemail. It made me tear up every time I heard it. And I just couldn't delete it until today because keeping it kept my boy a kindergartner all summer even though he's been a first grader since the end of May. This is definitely one of those "OH MOM!" moments.

So I will be prepared this year. I will not cry, I will hold it together. After all I am a season veteran.

But, my Molly only goes to kindergarten once.

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  1. Kind of like me still having the voicemail message on my cell phone that says, "Hi Mom. I'm in Qatar." I just can't hit delete.