Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Musical chairs

As it goes with the first few days of school you rarely stay in the seat that you were originally assigned. The teacher quickly figures out who can sit by who and who shouldn't sit by who. Talking and whispering are 2 of the things that can get your seat moved. Both Cameron and Molly's teachers did some rearranging after the first few days. Molly told me that the boy next to her got his seat moved because he kept kicking her...

or was it something else??

Today on the playground a new Mom I have met recently says to me I heard why Davey (names changed to protect the not so innocent) got his seat moved away from Molly. I said that I heard it was because he kept kicking her. She says that she heard it different from her son who sits across from Molly. Her son said it was because Davey kept trying to kiss Molly.


I then realized that maybe what I thought had been kicking was truly kissing and I had to laugh out loud. Seriously?? In kindergarten??

I asked my girl about it and she got so embarrassed. I'm afraid her reaction (imagine huge big blue eyes) made me realize that this could possibly be true.

Thank you, kind Kindergarten teacher, for protecting my girl. They only boy she better be kissing is her dear old Dad.

Watch it, Mr. 5 year old. I am on to you!

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