Sunday, October 24, 2010


Now a days we are all about the games that light up, make sounds, have awesome graphics and are portable. We can take them anywhere. We have some of those and they are really quite handy. Great, superb for long car rides.

But, lately we have found that the simplest of games are once again really fun.

One of Cameron's math games a few weeks ago was an old-fashioned game of War where you had to add together the two cards to see who won the war. It was great addition practice and also a way to learn a new game. It's something simple like War that has had Cameron and Molly playing for hours. They even got Papa Choo in on the fun. A 3 way War.

Back to the basics...and fun learning!


  1. Joey and Grandma "M" loves playing war!!! :) I like simplicity, Beth!!

  2. FUN! I should teach my kids war, thanks for the idea!