Monday, January 17, 2011

Food war...

Eek. What happened to me? Not that I think many of you were concerned, but I am still here. I just was uninspired/too busy/running around with like a chicken with my head cut off to blog. All kinds of ideas have swirled around in this "pretty little head of mine" (direct Mr. Shook quote) but I haven't taken the time to listen to them.

Yes. We had the holidays.
No. They didn't go as planned. What does, really?

But tonight we had a food war. I will preface the story by saying this RARELY happens here. So when it does maybe I'm thrown for more of a loop than I expect.

Today I made crock pot macaroni and cheese. I will also step in and say that it was not one of my 5 star meals. I'll even say it wasn't 4 stars. 3 stars might still be a stretch. But, it was a meal. I will also say that I knew in it's anticipation that it might not be good. I will consider myself pre-warned. But, I still had to try it. It was a meal that tasted better than it looked. Have you ever had one of those? Unless your Martha Stewart, I really hope you can go along with me here. Can you relate??

Needless to say I was anticipating a few turned up noses here. I thought maybe we should have a plan B but Mr. Shook said No. Everyone will try it.

Ok I said...and waited for the groans. I might even say that there has been a time or two where our youngest will say something looks yucky. Yucky??!! What could one possibly mean?? Ha ha.

We have been instilling the courtesy bite idea for a while. It usually works and then they realize, hey that isn't so bad (i.e. meatloaf). But, our dearest, oldest child wasn't falling for the courtesy bite tonight. No can do. Without giving the nitty gritty details, because after all, you've all been there, right?, we held our ground and made him try it. I think he was even more upset after his 2 sisters stabbed him in the back and said that it was good. After all aren't siblings suppose to stick together??!! The food war has begun and it wasn't pretty. There may or may not have been a tear or two, there may or may not have been a threat or two, there may or may not have been a bite the side of my cheek so I don't burst out laughing at how ridiculous you are acting Mr. almost 7 year old moment. Ugh. Maybe not our best parenting moment but then again was is our best parenting moment I ask you.

Unless your name is Carter Jones and you eat EVERYTHING!! I hope you can related in just a tiny way to our food war. These are the moments that will give us really good family memories, right?

And because I'm completely JEALOUS of the Jones' and their stellar eating boy is the only reason I can use him as an example. xoxo

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  1. Hahaha! Oh Beth... Okay, I will admit that he is a good eater and eats things most kids won't. But... don't think that eats everything without "eating it with his eyes" first! Just last night he told us after just one glance that he didn't like the stroganoff that was placed before him. Thankfully we have the courtesy bite rule in place at our house as well and with the "no crescent roll until you take a bite" threat he decided it was worth trying and ended up eating it! I am just cringing because I know that the stubborn enough not to eat stage will most likely happen sooner than later here as well. Our other child, on the other hand, was a whole different story last night. Do you think it is possible he heard his dear Dr. tell us on Friday that he will be going through the "picky eater" stage?