Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So, what have I been up to?...

So I bet your thinking, what has she been up to lately?

OK, maybe not, but there have been some new things going on.

I'm all about order (although I don't think I can come up with 10 things to have a countdown) so I'll list them for you.

In no particular order...

1.) The official baseball season has started in Morton. Cameron, who is coached by the handsome Dad's of Mr. Shook and Mr. Majors, is on the CLEVELAND INDIANS!! I feel confident that we are the only family on the team happy that Mike had to arm wrestle other coaches for the distinguished honor of being the Indians.

The arm wrestling is alleged.

Miss Molly is on the fierce River Cats t-ball team and her first practice was rained (or more like winded, since were in Central Illinois) out on Monday. Major disappointment. Molly is the only girl on her team. I feel sure that she will be able to hold her own. The red baseball cleats will definitely help!

2.) Both girls are winding down their dance lessons and the dreaded, I mean, cherished recital will be here before we know it. The theme of the recital is movies and Molly is dancing to an adorable friends song from a Tinkerbell movie. It makes me get teary every time I hear it. Amanda is dancing to the theme from Annie. It is SO cute. And the best part is now she can sing the song. Little did any of my kids know that the song is from a movie. Note to self, rent Annie.

3.) I have re-joined the working world in a small capacity. I found, what appears, to be the perfect job working 2 days a week. I am working for a stamp and sign company that has been around since 1875. I work alone on the days I work and it has been an interesting experience. It's super quiet, but thank goodness for computers, my new Nook color and my ability to text. Thank goodness also for unlimited texting at the Shook household...

4.) Happily Mr. Shook and I celebrated 13 years of marriage on Monday. We had an AWESOME dinner out on Saturday that we enjoyed thoroughly. I highly recommend the chunky mango chutney scallops at Jonah's in East Peoria. Divine! I am one lucky girl that my life crossed paths with Mr. Shook back in about 1994. He is the yin to my crazy yang. His kiddos and myself adore him and I look forward to many, many years of fun times with him.

5.) Running season has started, not for me! I am a running widow on Tuesday and Thursday evenings working up to the Steamboat race in Peoria in June. Between now and then there will be a half marathon that we will attend in Champaign as well as some other 5k's. I think this is the year for me to think about doing some of the walks that they offer at the races. After all, I need to keep up with Mr. Shook, right?

6.) Spring break is FINALLY approaching. My kiddos have off the week before Easter and the Ohio Grandparents are coming for a visit. The kids are very excited and it will be nice to have some company. Mr. Shook might actually take off a day of vacation and I have lots of ideas how to spend the day. Maybe a Chi town run? Hint, hint...

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