Thursday, May 12, 2011

Funny facts...

Is it just me, or do many of us have difficulty sometimes channeling our children's inner interests? Of course, Mr. Shook wants young son to love sports, excel at sports, be a potential major leaguer or NBA super star. Young son has several things against him to achieve in these areas but we won't dwell on that. After all, he is 7.

But, finding one's niche in life can be challenging. It is a well known fact that young son loves, I mean LOVES, his Legos. He can build them into the picture with the directions or he can create a whole new ship/plane/attack fighter, you name it.

But young son seems to have a new interest. I swear it began with the introduction this year to not only money, but coins, who's on them and more importantly who's on the green stuff. So Cameron has taken his interest a bit farther and is fascinated with our United States President's. Lucky us, we found a fun facts book about the US President's at the Book Fair last week. Lucky us, Cameron has a Grandfather who majored in history in college and a Mother who minored in history in college. Score! (Although I can admit that I am a bit rusty on some of the facts. Thank god for Wikipedia. I feel like Michael Scott.)

Soooooo, Oh my.

We have taken the ball and ran with it.

There might be some memorizing going on, too.

After all, it seems very important to know that Charles Fairbanks was Vice President for Theodore Roosevelt.

Or that George Washington's dentures were made out of ivory and animal teeth. But, there is a debate that they were actually wooden. Did you know that??

What ever Cameron's interest lie in we hope to be able to foster them and help him to learn as much as he would like. In the mean time we will probably have all of the President's memorized in order very soon.

And, I was informed by young son that all he needs to complete his money collection is an Andrew Jackson.

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  1. How a gal that loves history herself I think this is great! He's having fun and learning...what is better then that? :o)