Saturday, August 27, 2011

Home, Sweet, Home...

We're home, we've had a good night's sleep. Things are well!
And, our sister is more than willing to bring us dolls and toys!

We brought Amanda home yesterday around 4. Her labs, urine output, the ability to have a #2 and her willingness to drink and eat a little allowed us to come home a day early. She is currently still with a catheter, which we will haven taken out on Monday in the urologist's office. Our experience couldn't have been any better. Fortunately/Unfortunately, we were recognized as repeat visitor's to the Children's Hospital and that made things really nice. There were quite a few, "you look familiar" statements and it was nice and reassuring. Our doctor rocks, too! He gave us the VIP treatment which means he treated us like he has for 230 other cases of the same surgery and things appear to be healing well. We had a few friends who work in the hospital check in with us and that helped out so much. It's nice to know that other's are keeping an eye out for you. Even when the patient is 4!

We truly appreciate all the prayers and positive thoughts that were sent our way. Our doctor commented on how calm we seemed before the surgery and I'm so glad that it appeared that way from the outside. My insides were churning!

I also have to give props to our girl.
I don't know if I can put into words how proud I was of her when she walked to the operating room. She never looked back. I think that speaks volumes about several things. I think Mr. Shook and I did a decent job preparing her for what was going to happen, I think the staff at the hospital has an unique way of putting everyone at ease and making them feel safe, and I think that it shows the power of our God and the Holy Spirit that enveloped their arms around our girl. It took my breath away and dried all my tears.
Again, I say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for praying for Amanda.
I believe in the power of prayer.

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