Monday, July 9, 2012

A shower for...Me??

I've heard couples that have been married many years say, "I would really like another wedding shower to replace all my kitchen, bath, and linen stuff."  It should be one of the perks of being married say 25, 30  years, right?

Well, Mr. Shook and I have been married 14  years and we are starting to feel that way.  Where have all our spoons gone??!!  Where are the lids that matched the perfect Rubbermaid containers we bought for our first apartment?

We have decided to slowly start replacing some of our stuff.  On Father's Day Mr. Shook got some much needed alone time at the mall (he enjoys shopping alone) and came home with a surprise gift for glasses, and I mean drinking glasses.  This past weekend we did our monthly Sam's Club run and we found the deal of the day, a 50 piece Rubbermaid storage set.  And the lids hook to the bottom of each container or hook together and stack nested.  How cool is that??!!  If I could find new flatware that I love we will be replacing that as well.

We received some really nice things when we had our wedding showers when we got married.  But, some of the stuff has broken over 4+ moves, we've used them well or they have grown legs and just disappeared.  It's is nice to replace some of our stuff and I may have a pretty decent box to share at our church Basement Sale come August.

I guess it says a lot about our relationship when I am excited to get a new set of storage containers.  Bor-ing!  But, I'm glad to be boring with my guy.  He enjoys good storage, too.  (Smile!)


  1. That's Awesome! We've only been married 9+ years, moved 4+ times and we are down to only 2 tall and 2 short glass drinking glasses. And they weren't Cheap! I'm thinking it is time to replace as well. Or at least just have SOMETHING to drink out of! ;) Red Solo Cup... jk

  2. Beth, I think it is a fantastic idea to throw wedding showers even after a few decades of marriage! It sure would make finding lids to those Rubbermaid containers a lot easier! Best of luck with your replacements of kitchenware and thanks for shopping at Sam’s Club! – Ramona from Sam’s Club