Thursday, August 9, 2012

A few highlights in bullet points (which I am admitting I copied from a friend's blog)...

Things are really winding down here.  School starts in single digits and we are about ready.  This morning my small people are lounging watching Tinkerbell on DVD (the male small person is pretending like he isn't watching but I'm sure he is) and I'm getting ready to host Bunco tomorrow.  Here are a few highlights in bullet point fashion on our last few weeks...

* Today is THE day in school world...class lists will be posted and we are excited!!  Fingers crossed for the teacher's of our dreams.

* Soccer has started!  Cameron is on 2 teams this year so we will see how the juggling of our schedule goes.  We will also mix in dance for the girls so I'm pretty sure I will need a Taxi sticker for my car.

* The beloved pool time is wrapping up.  It was a fun summer of swimming and sun.  I'm pretty sure Cameron's hair may have a tinge of green to it so we're off for a school haircut this week.  It is amazing how much better swimmers all the kids became this year.

* Mr. Shook is gearing up to run 2 1/2 marathon's in September.  This is the time of the year when I become a runner's widow.

* We have all of our school supplies purchased and they are ready to label.  I am procrastinating on this task. Any volunteers are gladly welcomed.  I will provide the labeler!

* The kids are very, very interested in all the Olympic events.  Of course this thrills me as I love watching all the excitement and competition.  I think our favorites so far have been women's gymnastics and swimming.  Molly was so sad for Jordyn Wieber when she didn't qualify for the women's all around competition.  My favorite has been watching the hottie Ryan Lochte.  What a sight for sore eyes!  Wow!

* Yesterday both girls had great urologist visits and we don't have to see Dr. Rhee again for a whole year.  Hip Hip Hooray!  This is huge and I am thrilled.  Dr. Rhee commented that Molly has also gained 2 pounds since March which is a nice improvement for her as well.  Mike and I both wonder if it isn't from fun summer visits to DQ :)

* We have registered to walk for the 4th year in the MS Walk-a-Thon in Peoria.  It's always a nice time for a very good cause.  We joke that it's Mr. Shook's warm down as he runs a half marathon that morning and then we walk 3 miles for MS.  If anyone is interested in donating to our efforts we would love to hear from you.  We are always happy to support our friends The Sullivan's in Traci's efforts in finding a cure for MS.  We have our orange shirts ready!

* And speaking of orange shirts...5 weeks to Pumpkin Festival!!  Need I say more?  Fun times are a-coming!

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