Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm thankful for...

I had a boss many moons ago who once shared that every evening he and his wife had to tell one good thing that happened to them that day. Even on a really crappy day he still found one good thing that occurred.

We have tried to incorporate something similar to our meal time with the kids. When we pray before dinner we each have to share one thing that we are thankful for. Oh, the answers! I wish you could all be a fly on the wall. Cameron has gotten more thoughtful lately but there were many a night that we were thankful for Star Wars Wii or Indiana Jones Wii. We went for the whole month of January that Molly was thankful for Christmas. Amanda just smiles and laughs. Mike and I have a lot to be thankful for and we feel very blessed. Right now we are thankful for his job and Molly's health. Our girl is getting stronger every day and more feisty which is a definite sign that she is better! We're off to the urologist this morning and hope that it's just a routine visit.

My wish for you is that every day you find one thing that you are thankful for! God's blessings make us so rich!

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  1. What a nice thing for you to do. Now, let's see if Mom and Dad can figure out how to get to your blog. Love, Aunt Kris