Friday, March 20, 2009

Sock pile update

Just a quick update on the good old sock pile situation...I can officially verify that my hubby isn't reading my blog because there hasn't been any mention of the too much underware comment. I'm going to keep a running total on how many days until he says something. We are currently at day 3!

We have our fingers crossed here as my almost 12 (in a week!!) year old niece is anxiously awaiting the results of her try outs for the junior high Poms team. We really hope Regan makes it as she really wants to be on the dance squad. I think she's a very good dancer but they didn't ask for any Aunt input. Go figure! The disappointment that could come is enough to break my heart. I dread the day that I have to go through that as a parent and not just an Aunt. I know that it is one of those life lessons but it's still hard. Good luck, Regan!


  1. Nothing has broken my heart more than to see one of my boys be disappointed from not reaching a goal, making a team, losing a match, etc.

  2. Luckily Regan made Poms so the disappointment factor didn't happen (this time!). It's hard to see anyone fail.