Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The sock pile

Let's not beat around the bush. We're friends, right? I can share my frustrations, my annoyances. Oh wait, I'm talking to myself. Well then, I can say whatever I want.

I hate laundry!

This is nothing new, and is nothing my dear husband doesn't already know. When I get on a roll I do great but the motivation is what holds me back. When Michael says to me, "do you think you could do some whites?" I know that it's time to start the washer back up. I should also add (this is a test to see if Mike is really reading this!!) that he doesn't have to ask for whites often because he has a ridiculous amount of underware. Probably more than is really needed, but I didn't say that! I know that my hubby thinks that's there is still hope for me to un-do my wrongs when it comes to laundry but I think the fates are against us.

This afternoon I told myself that I would tackle the dreaded sock pile. I have included evidence #2 that shows my latest sock pile. All those bad boys need matched. But here's the thing. I will have a pile that I swear is just as big of lonely, unmatched socks. See evidence # 1. Where do they go??? I realize that Amanda eats everything she can get her hands on. We don't have any board books that she hasn't chewed the corners off of. I'm surprised there hasn't been an emergency trip to have a Lego extracted and she has an abnormal fascination with the lint from the dryer. But, I can be pretty sure that she's not eating socks. They just disappear out of thin air. It's a waste to buy new socks because it seems like the match is gone within minutes. I do not have control of the sock pile.

We haven't reached the age where kids start changing their clothes multiple times a day. I don't think my kids care enough about what they are wearing. Truth be told, I'd be surprised if Molly even has on pants right now. I heard some minor commotions from the potty so the pants may be off. I'm just afraid that even more control will be lost of the laundry when we have even more dirty clothes because of multiple outfit changes. Maybe the kids won't ever care that much about how they look. Here's hoping!


  1. I love it! It brings back so many fond?? memories of days gone by!!! I did find that some socks got lost just by them falling around the washer (onto the floor) as I was dumping a load into said washer. Try looking there....or in Amandas poop!

  2. Aww those lonely socks...we all have our own stash and when I am desperate I sit down and try to match them up. Last time I did this (January) I threw the mismatched ones away (gave up!). Must admit, I error on the over purchasing undergarments to delay the matching as long as possible. Plus since Liam got over his need to have seamless socks (or somehow socks that he could not 'feel' the seam) I have purchased alot of matching socks. Keeps it simple, the navy and khaki are for church or until mom does laundry or tackles the mismatch pile.