Monday, March 16, 2009

The Yuck has arrived.

It is a beautiful day in Central Illinois. 65 degrees, sunny, WARM and yet we are unable to enjoy Mother Nature at her best because the YUCK came barreling on in to our house this weekend. It was a modest YUCK at first only affecting Mr. Cameron. Fever, chills, sore throat. I briefly thought that we would dodge it. But, NO. This morning Molly informs me that she doesn't feel well and then proceeds to get the bucket and hit it bulls eye. Hello 8 am. She wants to try and eat a little breakfast and wham-o trip # 2 to hitting the bucket. Hello 9 am. I call the doctor's office to see if Cameron's Saturday strep culture amounted into anything and it is negative. Just a decent old virus. Great. Do you think it's safe to Lysol their tongues? I wonder if poison control would know this answer??

I heard from my happy husband who is glad to be at work and not where the YUCK is dwelling. I told him that I was scrubbing our bathroom in case I needed to spend some extra time there myself. Like a girl scout, always be prepared. (Or is that the boy scout motto??) He told me that it is mind over matter and that "you could probably talk yourself into the flu, Pamela." ??? I have no idea what that statement meant. I think I'll call my Mom and ask her.

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  1. LOL. You ought to be a comedy writer!!! Boy, I remember those days well. Good luck at staying healthy.
    P.S. I get the Pamela comment! LOL