Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blockbuster is a headache.

Like most everyone out there I find my free time valuable. How I spend it is important to me.

There is a bit of an ongoing argument in this house about one thing. It is our Blockbuster at home service. It's just like Netflix, if your familiar with that, but it is done through Blockbuster. You pick out your "queue" and set it up on their handy, dandy webpage and then you receive 3 movies at home at a time. After you watch one you return it, postage paid in an envelope, and they send you the next movie from your list. 5 times a month you can return them to the store and get a store rental for a week plus they send you your next movie in your queue. Sounds too good to be true, right??

Here are my problems with it:

1.) We rarely have time to watch the movies!! I just took a look at the queue today and realized that we had a movie on hand that we had received December 2nd. Obviously we were picking around that movie and never watching it.

2.) It seems like the nearest Blockbuster is a trip away. It use to be in Michigan that the closest Blockbuster was a few miles. The closest one here is in (gasp!) East Peoria. It is a commitment to return the store rentals all the way to East Peoria. It must be at least 7.1 miles (I just mapped it on Mapquest)!! Could it be that the motivation for returning them in Michigan is that there was a Dairy Queen in the same plaza so it was like having a night on the town??

3.) We use to take turns putting the movie at the top of the queue. That has some how ended. Maybe because I don't watch them. But when I got my picks I must say I did choose some good ones. I can highly recommend the first 2 seasons of Big Love. It is an HBO show about polygamists. Very entertaining and well done.

4.) And probably my #1 reason for not liking Blockbuster at home - the movies are really bad!! I was mad last night. Mike really, really wanted to watch a movie. I'm always complaining that he waits too long to start them. I would rather go to bed. I find it hard to justify wasting 2 plus hours on a movie. I could be doing so much more productive things. Reading, updating my status on Facebook, folding laundry, sleeping!! So last night Mike started a movie at a decent time so I decided to hang in there and watch. I waited and waited for it to get good. I waited and waited some more. It never happened!! It was terrible. For once we both thought so. Maybe I need someone to recommend some good flicks for us. I however cannot recommend Made of Honor staring Patrick Dempsey and some chick I didn't know. Horrible. Too predictable and sappy. And, Patrick Dempsey's hair looks terrible throughout most of the movie. Too fluffy or something. Give me some eye candy, please!!

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  1. Sounds like this is something you could cut out. Save the aggravation and the bucks. Win-win.