Thursday, March 12, 2009

My favorite things part 3...

There are so many great things about 5 year olds how can I narrow it down to just a few?? Oh, what the heck, I'll give it a try!

Things I love about Cameron Michael Shook...

- I love Cameron's name. We thought long and hard over it and I can't imagine his name being anything else. A friend of my parents told us it sounded like a name for the President of the United States. I don't know that I wish that job on anyone but I think Cameron has a name that sounds like he will go places in life.

- I love that Cameron has interests in his toys. Above is a picture of what Cameron told us was his favorite Christmas gift. He loves Star Wars. He loves Star Wars figurines, Star Wars legos, Star Wars action figures, Star Wars Lego Wii game, his one and only Star Wars shirt - I think you get the idea. He loves pretending battles with them and acting them out. He builds space ships with Amanda's clipo and has them flying through the galaxy. I never was much into Star Wars but I can remember going and seeing Star Wars at the Edinboro movie theatre. It was probably 1980. Yikes, am I dating myself!

- I love that Cameron has a sense of humor. His latest "joke" is to tell you with a very serious face that he doesn't like something. Then after a few seconds he laughs and says "I'm just kidding!". I have no idea where he picked this up but I laugh every time.

- I love that Cameron takes crafts and coloring very seriously. We now color in the lines - hip hip! This must be something that happens between 4 and 5 because Molly is still a scribbler. Cameron really cares that things are colored the correct color. His art work is really getting quite nice.

- I love that there isn't probably a more laid back child on the planet then Cameron. Because of this nature that's why there are other Shook children! Not very much phases him. I recently switched his preschool in February and I worried about the change. The teacher said on day one that he acted like he had been there all along. When I asked him he liked his new school he said, "No, I liked my old one." My heart sank. Then I got the classic "Just kidding!"

- I love that I have a boy. We have a very, very girl dominated family. Cameron is the only grandson on both sides. But what I love about him is more than being the only boy. I love that he loves boy things, loves to get dirty, loves to run but I also love that he has a sensitive side to him that he got from being around 2 sisters and 5 girl cousins. He plays with girls just as well as boys. It's just that your Barbie may become Princess Lea and go fly a space ship that may resemble a Barbie car. His imagination is always working!

Thank you for being my first baby, Cameron, and breaking Mommy and Daddy in easy. You are a real joy in our lives!


  1. We are SO happy that Cameron is the boy in our lives too! What a great kid!!

  2. Great set of 3 posts on the kids! You had me until the "Oprah A-Ha" moment ... JK ... maybe!?

  3. These are amazing! You almost made me cry! They make me miss your family so much!! I loved coming over and watching Cam & Molly (and later Mandy too!) because it was like home to me...silly, fun, adorable, snuggly little ones who fight over Thomas the Train but also give hugs and chase eachother around the kitchen! :)
    <3 Allison