Monday, March 9, 2009

My favorite things part 2...

Oh golly, my favorite things about my Molly...where do I start?

- I love her laugh. It's a belly laugh and it is contagious. You can't help my laugh when you hear her. She's got a great laugh.

- I love that she is always listening to me even when I don't realize it. During Molly's hospital stay I had one of those Oprah A-ha moments. One of the urologists we were working with was visiting and talking to me about Molly. We were discussing the possibility of trying Molly on an anti-depressant while in the hospital. It had two advantages. It would pick up her spirits and prevent her bladder from having spasms. Molly appeared to be sleeping during this discussion. The doctor was using big words and spelling some others. Kind of talking around the subject. I couldn't understand why she was doing this. She asked me to step out into the hall and explained that Molly was faking sleeping and was listening to us. I was shocked and when I went back into Molly's room she opened her eyes and said that she didn't want to take anymore medicine. From that moment on I was very careful about what we discussed in front of her and have continued to do so at home. It was an eye opening experience.

- I love that Molly calls Cameron her best friend and vice versa. For those of you who know my brother we are only 13 months apart. Cameron and Molly are 16 months apart and very close. Just like Dale and I, they are each other's play mate. Cameron can convince Molly to be Princess Lea and they play Star Wars for hours. They love to color and do puzzles together. It doesn't always happen without an argument but they are getting very good at working it out between themselves.

- I love that Molly thinks her Daddy is the best in the world. There are many times when she will only do things for Daddy, not Mommy. Rather than get my feelings hurt or be disappointed I choose to think that this a special relationship. I think Mike gets a little annoyed after a while that only he can take Molly to the potty on the weekends but it's also good for him to take a turn. I think it will eventually swing back around to Mommy being the favorite but in the mean time I love watching my girl adore her Daddy.

- I love that Molly has dark brown hair. Cameron is so blond and Amanda is in the middle but probably more blond. Molly's is dark and I think a beautiful shade. I love that all 3 kids have different color hair. Dale and I never looked alike growing up so I think it's natural to have your own identity. Now if Molly would just keep a bow in it!!

- I love that Molly was a true love child. (Hope this isn't a TMI moment!) Cameron was a ton of work to get but Molly just appeared out of nowhere. I couldn't believe that I was pregnant! Many, many tests (probably 5 or 6) were taken to make sure. I told my doctor that they would have to show me on an ultrasound to believe it and by golly, there she was. I have a frame that I will one day display that has a cut out for a picture of your family. The caption around it says "all because two people fell in love." That's Molly - because 2 people were in love.

I am so glad you are a part of my life, beautiful Molly!


  1. OMG, what a beautiful post, Beth. It makes me want to give that little sweetie a big hug! Of course, she would think, who is that crazy lady? It is great to see father and daughter close...I loved it with Laura and Jerry!

  2. What a wonderful surprise blessing! I love her laugh too:) Miss you all!