Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A big day here tomorrow!

Tomorrow, April 2nd, is officially known as Stent Removal Day here!!

Molly will go in for an outpatient procedure and have the stents removed from her ureters. She will have to be put asleep, they will use a telescope to find them, remove them and then take some x-rays and ultrasound. If necessary they will replace the stents. We are hoping that they can come out and we will be able to put this experience behind us. My big/little girl has been a trooper throughout this whole ordeal. I won't say there weren't some tears shed but she was resilient and strong. I hope that I would have been half as strong if it were me.

If I feel brave about it I will take my camera with me tomorrow morning and snap a few pictures of the moment. After all, that is what a true blogging Mommy would do!

On a side note, thank you so much to all who sent birthday cards to my Dad for his 80th birthday. He is going to count them today and I'll post an update. A friend of ours decorated a small file box for him to store them in and the amount of cards exceeds the size of the box. I know one day when I had called he had just got the mail and have received 12 cards that day. My guess is that he got more than 80!! My parents really enjoyed all the mail and nice sentiments.

An update on my test to see if my hubby was reading my blog. On Sunday Michael was helping me match the dreaded sock pile. He is plugging along as I'm folding clothes on our bed and he says, "You know, if you are going to talk about my underwear on your blog you really should make sure you spell it correctly." Apparently I spelled it underw-a-r-e. I guess he's been reading it! :)


  1. I hope everything goes smoothly. You and she deserve a break. The birthday boy returned my call last night and he was certainly enjoying the day!

    BTW, Dale, the Spelling Bee Champ, would have never misspelled underwear.

  2. We will be praying for Molly and her parents tomorrow. Let us know how she's doing after the procedure:) XXXOOO

  3. Prayers for Molly and her Mommy and Daddy! I ran into Martha today and she told me also.
    BTW, Jerry alone sent your Dad 4 cards just from him.
    Let us know on your blog how tomorrow goes. (and yes, take your camera. Mine is with me always anymore!)

  4. That is too funny about the cards - my parents thought it was a riot!! They loved that they weren't all birthday cards. The christmas card one was the best! :)

    I'm going to put my camera in my bag right now.

  5. Your blog cracks me up !! Let me know how Miss Molly does! Ive been thinking about her alot!!!