Thursday, April 2, 2009

Successful Stent Removal!!

My big girl is a trooper!

Our favorite central Illinois doctor in the whole wide world, Dr. Benjamin Rhee, successfully removed Molly's stents and didn't have to replace them. He didn't even take the x-rays we thought he would because everything looked really good. Molly had to have an i.v. for the antibiotics and fluids but she only had gas for the sleeping part. She was only gone from us for about 45 minutes. The longest part of the whole day was waiting, and waiting, and some more waiting for her to pee so we could leave. Dr. Rhee had used a topical numbing cream down there so he told us it would burn the first time she peed. She did pretty well it just took 2 Popsicles, 2 apple juices and i.v. fluids to make it happen!

The whole experience was very pleasant. This hospital does a wonderful job of making children comfortable. The first step in doing so was they had us come to an outpatient surgery center rather than the hospital. It was kind of like a mini hotel. Very nice, very new, very clean! When we went back to the room for Molly to be gowned they had a bunny and a small Easter basket of toys waiting. She was thrilled! The hospital has a group called child life specialists and they go above and beyond. Molly was able to watch Cinderella in recovery and then back in her room. They have portable DVD players and they can go everywhere. It is wonderful and I hope that all hospitals start seeing the importance of making children comfortable and not scared. As you can see from the picture Princess Molly went in a chariot to the operating room. It was adorable!

All in all it was a good day. I am really tired but very happy with the outcome. So is our girl!

Thank you for all the prayers, good thoughts and emails. They mean the world to me!


  1. Great for you all! Way to go Shook family!!!

  2. WOW...I am so very happy for you guys!! I got tears in my eyes when I saw the pictures of her going into surgery! Im 35 and don't like that ride to the O.R.. Cant imagine whats going through a little ones mind after all she's been through! Way to go Molly!!! Whoooo Hooooo! xoxo

  3. And I just got tears in my eyes reading Laura's comment! Yowza!! So very happy to hear all is well with Molly's plumbing!! Those prayers work! Great pics brings us closer to the story. Have a wonderful weekend with your sweet family!
    P.S. Now we just have to get Laura through her stent removal...maybe a decorated wagon?? Hmmm

  4. I think Lo for sure needs a decorated wagon - that or a valium! I would seriously ask for one before the appointment. I think Molly would tell you to be prepared for it to burn the first time you tinkle but after that she was fine. I hope it does as smoothly for you! Hang in there!