Saturday, April 4, 2009

Let me count the ways...

Today is a very special day in my world. Today Michael and I celebrate 11 years of marriage! It is hard to believe that 11 short years ago we celebrated our wedding with our family and friends. I wish I had my wedding pictures with me so I could scan one in and post. The only ones I have are from our wedding album and they are not removable. We have had many ups and some downs and I thought since I shared my favorite things about my children I should do the same about my wonderful husband.

- I love that Michael loves my family. He is so kind to all of them and they love him back. He may occasionally think that they are a little crazy but that is what makes them normal! He also is very close with his own family and cares about them a lot. I love his family like they were my own.

- I love that I have seen my husband cry when I cry. It has only happened on a handful of times but he is a man with feelings and emotions and we can relate to each other. When I hurt, he hurts.

- Watching him with our children warms my heart. They say that when you have children it's like watching a piece of your heart walk around outside your body. I see this in Mike and our kiddos. He loves them unconditionally and is such a softie with them. Mike is a terrific Dad - the absolute best.

- I love that we can laugh together and we can laugh at each other. We are totally ourselves with each other and I think when I saw this trait I realized that this was the man I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. It's good to laugh a lot.

- I love that Mike always wears a belt. This may seem like a silly thing to love about someone but it showed me that he has attention to detail and cares how he is perceived. He is a very neat dresser and often looks better than me. He gets more and more handsome every year!

- I love that Michael has always wanted us to go to church. We both grew up doing so but it could be very easy to not continue in the church. After a long week at work sleeping in on Sunday's could be appealing. But going to church is what we do. We both have a strong belief in God and believe that God is the ultimate provider. We are sharing this with our children and helping them to develop as Christians. It's so cool to hear them tell you things they are learning in Sunday school.

There are so many things to love about my husband. I am so glad that we have spent the last 11 years together as husband and wife. I look forward to continuing to raise our children together and grow old together. There isn't anyone in the world I would rather spend time with. I miss him when he's away. I love you!


  1. You had me until the belt part! ;o)

  2. OMGosh, first let me throw away the kleenex. I have always known that the both of you were meant to be together and always would be. Who would have thought that you and "one of the Shook twins" would have gotten together? Especially back in the high school days. Life is strange and beautiful and the two of you are living examples of that. I pray for nothing but the best for you and your family. Happy Anniversary and many, many more!! xoxo