Sunday, April 5, 2009

The pirate...

We have sailed a new day here...Cameron went to his first birthday party where Mom didn't stay. He was invited to a birthday party of Max, a new friend from preschool. I met his Mom at an open house last week and asked the details of the party. It was a few friends, all the boys from school, at their house for cake and fun. Max's Mom was very nice, seemed very normal and said I could stay if Cameron would be more comfortable. I decided to feel out the situation when we got there. Within 30 seconds Cameron told me it was time for me to go. I met Max's Dad, also very nice, and went on my way. It was actually a nice break as I did a little Easter shopping by myself without little eyes checking out all the purchases. When I picked Cameron up 2 hours later he was dressed like he looks above. He had a great time, had won the sword as a prize for placing the eye patch closest to the eye on the pirate, and had a goody bag of candy treats. It was a success! I realized as we drove home that we have really crossed in to a major life changing moment - my boy is growing up! It's so strange because I feel a swelling of pride when Cameron crosses these thresholds of life but so sad when Amanda does them. I guess that's the difference between your first and your last.

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