Tuesday, April 7, 2009


1. The act of withdrawing or going back.
2. An extended decline in general business activity, typically two consecutive quarters of falling real gross national product.
3. The withdrawal in a line or file of participants in a ceremony, especially clerics and choir members after a church service.

There has been all this talk for quite a while how our nation is in the midst of a recession. Based on the definition above I'd say we are definitely in an extended decline in general business activity, typically two consecutive quarters of falling real gross national product.

It's had me thinking about how this is affecting me. We are lucky because it appears that Mike's job is safe from any layoffs. They had an assignment at Cat, through his entire division, to try and problem solve ways for costs to be cut. One of the things they now do is have a centralized trash bin that they must all empty their waste baskets into at the end of the day. They also eliminated all plants from the offices. Cat rented the plants and then a company came and maintained them. All plants are now gone. This cost cutting measure alone has saved the division money every month. But it is these simple cuts that make me the most sad. It isn't that I mind that the prettiness of the plants is gone. I truly never noticed the plants when I was in the working world. What makes me frustrated is that someone brain stormed the idea that they could run a small business, service a large customer like Cat, and earn a living doing so. In my mind I imagine that this business owner is someone who has a family, thought of a job that they could do while their kids were at school, and still allowed them to be home when their kids got off the bus. I see this as a job that one day I might like to do. A job that services but also allows for some flexibility. With tough cuts happening every day it's jobs like this that are constantly being eliminated. The small business owner won't be able to survive.

I just learned today that there are 3 consumable goods that never face a recession. Alcohol, tobacco and Make Up. In this day and age the plant lady won't survive. This recession has a trickle down effect and it truly touches everyone. The media focuses on the large companies where the recession has hit hard but we need to remember the little business owners, too.


  1. Although it doesn't make logical sense, I'd add firearms to the list too. I hear the business is booming, and actually ammunition is getting harder to come by. I also sympathize with the small business owners. They also get hit hardest by tax changes ... but that's for another discussion.

  2. You are probably right about firearms, although that scares me. Guns in the hands of unexperienced people = trouble. I think people started applying for concealed hand gun permits prior to Obama being elected because they were afraid the right would be taken away. I hate hand guns...but that's for another discussion, too.