Monday, May 11, 2009


My kiddos have an absolute fabulous Daddy. While Mommy was away for a few hours he cleaned up toys and took the time to trim and paint Miss Molly's toes. Not too many Daddy's would do that. Thanks honey for taking two chores off my list of things to do! We have also included Amanda's new bling. Aren't they the cutest shoes?? We love them!


  1. I love the chubby little kids freaking cute!

  2. Well, Beth, you may have to keep him after all. He paints little toes, helps clean up, and even (if I remember correctly) matches socks on occasion. Not too shabby, hope you enjoyed the bit of help!

  3. He won't be too happy for me sharing this, but he paints my toes, too! He is a super husband and father. Yes, he's a keeper!