Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm waving my white flag...

I don't really have time to be posting a blog but I needed a few minutes of sanity so I am. I think Mike is a few behind in reading these so by the time he reads this we should be already moved and he won't know that I was blogging instead of packing. Oh, knowing him, he already knows!

I have a headache today that is sinus related. I so want to put an ice bag on my nose but I don't have time for that. The humidity here is high and the rain is coming and going so my sinuses are in a state of havoc. They just plain hurt. Ibuprofen here I come...

I am so excited to be moving but this is reminding me how much I hate to do it. And, it's only 2 or 3 miles. Mike has been laying down the law on the packing. Everything came in a tote or box and we still have all of them so it should all fit back in the same containers. I have had a hard time convincing him that we have more stuff than when we arrived. I broke down today and snuck to the U-Haul store and purchased some boxes. Of course he will notice but I figure once the stuff is in them he won't be able to do anything about it. Good theory? If my head wasn't hurting so much I'd try to further explain this to him but forget it. I love my hubby but we are polar opposites on how we do things like packing. As he says there is the Hall way and then there is the right way, the Shook way. How can we battle this one out? My head hurts so my white flag is out! I surrender!

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  1. I didn't realize you were moving, as well. Did you buy a house? Can't wait to hear all about it once you get settled and have some time- haha! I agree that in theory, it shold all fit in the boxes that it came in, but that never works! This move has been the worst one yet, probably mostly because there are now 5 people. And kids have/need a lot of stuff!! (Gee, can't wait until the next one gets here!) I, too should not be on the comupter. We have so much to do yet, but it gets overwhelming and sometimes you just need a break to regroup!I am stuck at the new place, and wsh I was at the old, since I feel like we are not going to get the stuff out by Sunday! And I am using the precious 5 minutes that Selah is playing by herself to check your blog:) (Gotta love sick kids!!) Well, there is plenty to do here, so I bet get back to it- good luck!!!