Sunday, May 24, 2009

Michael #3....??

I owe a very belated Happy Birthday to the love of my life, Michael. His birthday was last Thursday and tends to get a little overlooked since Molly's is the day before. I had also already given Mike his gift about a month ago. He wanted an IPod shuffle after he realized that his IPod Classic was to heavy to use working out. I have enjoyed the shuffle as much as he has so it might be considered a gift for both of us! The weird thing about Mike's birthday is that he is a twin so you think I would remember to send his brother a card but over the last few years I seem to forget. I think it's because I concentrate so much on Molly's birthday and my Mom's is a few days before that so by the 21st I'm done. This year we had to go buy his brother's card so we could drive right to the post office to mail it! And, YES!, it's written on my calendar. Just one of those oversights or something. I had someone suggest to me that they buy all the cards that they need for the month at the beginning, address them, write the date on the upper right hand corner and then when it was time to mail they just stick the stamp over the date. I'm going to plead insanity for the month of May because our 2 families have a ton of May birthday's...8 that I can count.

What are your suggestions for keeping up on the mailing of birthday cards?

Back to the original topic of this post...I hope you had a wonderful birthday, Michael. You bring joy to my life and the lives of your children. They radiate so much love around you. You are the best thing in our lives! I love you...


  1. Sounds very familiar! My Mike's birthday is thee day after Finn's. Every one in our house has birthdays over a 7 week span. It's birthday season! Kids seem to just get priority! I have family members who do the cards at the beginning of the months. Maybe I'll get that organized, after all my kids turn 18!

  2. The card idea is a great in theory but I know myself and it probably won't happen. What set expectations so high that I know I will fail??!! As I write this I need to figure out what we're doing for Mike's Mom's birthday which is Saturday and means I have to have something in the mail to her by Wednesday!

  3. I am here to testify that having kids over 18 does not help you get cards out on time or at all!

    Even the wonderful calendar that Beth made does not help. It is hopeless.

  4. Grandpa just called me on Monday because he couldn't remember if he had sent Molly a card. I told him not to worry about it but he was mad at himself. I think he would agree that the calendar hasn't helped. I think he wishes it was still Grandma's job. :)