Sunday, June 7, 2009

Amanda #2!!...

It's hard for me to imagine that today we are celebrating our baby's 2nd birthday. All my children are my babies but this is the birthday of our littlest bundle of spunk. She was a spitfire from day one and we have had 730 joyous days of her love. Amanda wants to do what ever her big brother and big sister is doing and is determined to succeed like a 5 year old, not just a toddler turning 2. Mike and I aren't sure if her life as made us feel younger or much, much older. Some days its a little of both! We look forward to many, many more birthday's and many, many more fun experiences with her. Happy birthday, Miss Amanda! We love you!

This is one of our favorite pictures and is just minutes after Amanda was born.

Our first family picture!

Our little Nemo at Halloween 2007

One year old

Christmas 2008


  1. Crazy how fast it goes! HAppy Birthday to Amanda- and congrats on surviving the first 2 years of 3 kids. Maybe it just gets easier....???? Ha ha.