Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A road trip...

We are headed to the promise land tomorrow, oh I mean Ohio, for Mike's class reunion. We are leaving on Thursday at noon so we will get there late on Thursday night. Hopefully by 11 or so. I think we are all way over due for a dose of family so this will be good. We haven't seen any of our Ohio family, except my mother-in-law who came in February when Molly was in the hospital, since Christmas. Since then my dad, my grandfather and my mother-in-law have all had hospital stays. It is really challenging, especially regarding my Dad, when they are in the hospital. My heart says to be with them but my little people make it hard to do so. I really struggle with the right thing to do in those circumstances. Unfortunately I don't think there is a right answer...

Anyhoo, I think Mike and I are secretly psyched to have an evening out at his reunion. I'll make fun of how hokey the country club is where it's being held (and it is hokey!!) but it will be great to hang out with friends that we don't see often for an evening. Going to Mike's reunions are always better than mine because I have an instant partner in crime. Mike is a twin and his brother, Mark, will be there as well as his wife, our sister-in-law, Emily. Many of Mike's classmates have fun wives but it's always better when you know someone. We have already briefly discussed our outfits so it won't matter if we are over dressed or under dressed because we will be similar. I already know that this shindig isn't a dressy evening! There will be a blue jeans and t-shirt couple mixed in for sure. Gotta support their NASCAR driver, right? It's really an "anything goes" affair. Details and pictures to follow...

Until then O-H-I-O!!! Go Bucks!


  1. I totally get this one! I hadn't been home to Ohio since Christmas either! This visit we din't do much scheduling, but it was so nice to hang out with the fam!

    I lost my dad last spring after a battle with cancer. The last 6 months were so hard, needing to be here and there at the same time. I talked to mom every day and I knew with my brother and sister in law there things were ok, but it was so hard!

    Have a great time at the reunion! Enjoy your grown up time out!


  2. Isn't it funny how different people are? I look at a trip to Ohio as the equivalent of a trip to Hell. We have not gone since last April (2008), and only went then because we thought we were moving to Connecticut. (We did drive through Ohio coming home from DC and stop to see a friend and have lunch with my grandmother in March.) A bunch of family hasn't even met Selah yet, including Bryan's dad. But my guilt is small because we live so close now, and we have never gone on vacation, as we have had to visit family every time.
    It sounds like you enjoy your visits to see family and I am glad. Hopefully our kids like to visit us, instead of dreading it like we do!
    I hope you guys have a safe trip and a great time!!