Tuesday, June 16, 2009

One year later...

One year later...

I have a 5 1/2 year old, a 4 year old and a 2 year old.

I have more gray hairs that are expertly covered by a superb hairdresser!

I live in Morton, Illinois.

I have moved from a 4 bedroom house, to a 2 bedroom apartment and now to another 4 bedroom house.

I attend Morton United Methodist Church.

I have felt like a newbie many times.

I have been to Chicago three times in 8 months (and loved it!).

I spent Thanksgiving weekend in St. Louis.

I have leaned on my brother and sister-in-law more than I ever thought I would.

I know the inside of a hospital more than I ever thought I would.

I have attended my first Pumpkin Festival parade.

I have watched my daughter Molly perform in her first ballet recital. Very cool.

I have loved my family even though it has to be long distance.

I have survived a hard year! We are survivors! The Shook's are survivors!

One year ago today our world was turned upside down. Mike came home to tell me that he had been laid off from his job in Rochester Hills, MI. It was a devastating experience yet I know, deep down, that this was God's plan for us. When one door shuts another opens. It may have required me to expose myself, to put myself out there, to move, but it has all been his plan. I am trying so hard to go with the flow in life. My heart breaks for those out there who are struggling to find a job. My heart breaks for those who have felt the same scared, frustrated, angry feelings that we have felt. It can be really hard to have faith, it can be really hard to hold your head up high. I know because we have been there. What a difference a year can make! I live in the Land of Lincoln. We visited my brother and his family last March for Easter and I never in my wildest dreams thought that 4 months later we would be 30 miles from them. Never say never! Mike and I prayed that God would show us what road to take and he did. And I know I'm right where I'm suppose to be.


  1. You do write a good story!!
    I hope this year goes much more smoothly for your family...if it doesn't I know that you will make it through.

  2. I know that feeling and, only in retrospect, now a realize what a waste that sleepless night was when Carl was told his job was through. Life and God bring good things when we are expecting good things to happen. We are all proud of the families that you and your brother are raising. And, no matter what the year brings, and personally I am glad not to know ahead of time, God and family and friends will help us get through it. God is good, all the time. Now, hang on for the ride, because it's gonna be a doozy!

  3. It'd be neat to do this every year! My biggest growing time was when I got let go in 2001 too. Very humbling and scary, especially for a male - we all to often get our identity from where we work.

  4. June 19th makes 5 years here for us. We came here the same way you did. All the doors at home, in that Ohio promised land were closing. Not just closing but slamming hard in our face! I have no doubt that God led us right here, to this town, to these people, to this time. I don't know if there is where he has planted us for the long haul, but eiher way, five years later I have grown, our family has grown! And I can't imagine being anywhere else. Welcome to the party, I'm glad you're here!