Saturday, June 20, 2009

My immediate wishes...

Yea! We are so happy to have brought home Molly this afternoon. She's very tired, uncomfortable and annoyed with the catheter but we are at home and she will do so much better here. I have some immediate wishes that I am praying on. They are:

- that we are able to keep Molly's pain under control and she is comfortable.

- that she doesn't get a fever. Anything higher than 101.5 would be considered serious.

- that the catheter can come out on Tuesday rather than Wednesday. It's very uncomfortable for Molly and she doesn't like anyone touching it. Emptying it isn't fun either. But this isn't about me. :)

We are praying for a quick recovery and that there aren't anymore set backs. We only want to move forward! We have one tough cookie on our hands!


  1. Praying that the worst of it is behind you, and that everything goes smoothly from here on out...
    Praises for the little Molly who is such good example. I mean, having a catheter for days? I whine like crazy when I get one for a couple hours in labor! And I whine about the needles and IVs... and here she is having major SURGERY!
    Well, I am glad that surgery is an option for her, and hopefully this is not something that will continue to cause her trouble in the future! And I am impressed that you are staying so strong through all of this! What a blessing to have Faith!

  2. God is good! Amen and everyone hang in there!

  3. Praying for your whole family and especially for little Molly here at the beach! Love and blessings to all!