Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nothing to really write...

This has been a very long week. A lot of tears, a lot of whining, I'm surprised I have any hair left. I would have pulled it out a LONG time ago. Molly does not have an infection in her bowel. After reading some more about it I am really, really glad. It sounded nasty. She could have a bladder infection going on but we don't have her urine culture back yet. We head to the hospital tomorrow morning for an ultrasound so our doctor can see how her bladder is emptying. I am very excited because I have a baby-sitter for Cam and Amanda. A nice girl from our church is coming and this will make life so much easier - for everyone! Molly has had quite a few ultrasounds lately so this won't be a big deal for her. While I'm watching I always think it's so much more fun to have an ultrasound and see a little peanut in there. I can clearly remember my first ultrasounds with all of my kids. So exciting! Bladders, kidneys and stuff - not as much fun.

Today was a sad day in the entertainment world. I can't say that I was ever a huge Michael Jackson fan. His first solo album, Thriller, was very popular when I was in late elementary school and early junior high. I remember the vinyl looking red jackets with all the zippers being popular at school. I remember that the Thriller video was really long. I'm sure Michael Jackson had some of the first video's ever played on MTV. I just don't have a particular memory about him to share. I'd love to hear if any of you did, though...


  1. I'm mostly saddened by his life, his childhood and who he grew up to be. He was a great entertainer, that's for sure ... but not much more than that.

  2. Here's a message from the nice girl @ church- she really enjoyed watching the kids today!