Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Deep cleansing breaths...

It has been a tough few days. We have one super whiny girl on our hands (aka Molly). She seems really uncomfortable and I believe her bowels might be cramping. Our doctor wants a stool sample that I haven't been able to get yet. There is a chance that Molly has an infection from too many antibiotics in the hospital. They really dosed her up good there. She has many of the symptoms of this kind of bacterial infection so we will see. I think her incision seems to be healing nicely, she seems happier (if you can believe it) from having the catheter out yesterday and being home has done a world of good. When will this roller coaster end?? Please pray that the stomach and bowel pains are related to a bacterial infection and can be easily solved. Molly has been through a lot.


  1. You are all in our prayers! Nasty as a bacterial infection sounds, I guess that is better than the unknown alternative, eh?

  2. Poor little thing. Sending prayers over to the Shook house...to ALL of you!